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The Book

I´m happy to present my book. In addition to the theoretical text on basic principals of section playing

This method is intended as an interactive playalong method with two cd´s providing the student the oportunity

to practice with the section in real time.






Basic Fundamentals of Effective Section Playing
Grundlagen für erfolgreiches Sectionspiel


Usually regarded as a “lead” player, Dan Collette has well established himself as an internationally respected trumpeter. In this book and recording, he demonstrates another facet of his musical palette – that of an educator. In a “common sense” approach and playing in a variety of styles, Dan demonstrates and clearly explains his perspective of lead and section playing. This work should prove itself to be required listening and reading for all serious trumpet players. This is wonderful stuff Dan, bravo!

Prof. Jiggs Whigham (International educator and trombone artist)

Dan Collette has done a wonderful project with this new book. To me, the best way for someone to learn to play music, is by using his ears to play along with records or to audio tracks of new music he has not played. Looking at the sheet and learning the notes is not nearly as powerful a tool for understanding a musical concept as actually playing WITH SOMEBODY, whether it’s live or on a recording. Yes; live is better to establish musical conversation, but many great musicians who were not brought up in major metropolises of the arts have had no choice but to learn from recordings, and have developed fully through the use of them. This is a major focus of this book and therefore it‘s my kind of book, and thus I think it will be a great help to many students and fun practice for anybody.
Lew Soloff (International trumpet artist)

Dan Collette‘s book on lead and section trumpet playing is a very well thought out and extremely useful tool for all aspiring and professional trumpet players. The trumpet sectional “quartets” by Steve Guttman are excellent and the execution of these “etudes” on the CD as played by Dan Collette playing all 4 parts is flawless and nothing short of inspiring. Wonderful book Dan!

Randy Brecker (International trumpet artist)

“Comfort, Command & Control in the Trumpet Section” is an essential addition to the trumpet literature. With this publication, Dan Collette has organized a way for us to master the aural art of contemporary phrasing. Playing these quartets is almost too much fun to be called practicing!

Allen Vizzutti (International trumpet artist)

Here’s what it takes to be the best. “Comfort, Command & Control in the Trumpet Section” by Dan Collette is a complete and exhaustive study of every detail that must be mastered to be a professional trumpet player in a very competitive environment. His detailed analysis of the included musical excerpts, plus his concise recommendations for practice will develop and prepare the aspiring player for all musical styles. I enthusiastically recommend Collette’s book for both instrumentalists and conductors. The quality of any instrumental performance is in the details clearly described in this book.

Neil Slater (One O’Clock Lab Band, North Texas University – Prof. Emeritus)


It seems to me that Dan’s book is what every trumpet player in a brass section has been waiting for. Dan has done a terrific job explaining in writing and playing the fine points of section work, and I don‘t think I could have done it much better.

Al Porcino

More often than not, the first steps into the world of jazz taken by a student occur by way of the big band. It is the perfect vehicle to become familiar with many important elements of the jazz idiom, such as jazz phrasing and techniques; aesthetics and most importantly one’s particular role in the section. Surprisingly enough, to date, there has been no book or instructional method in the jazz educational literature on how to improve one’s section work, consequently resulting in an obvious and recognizable improvement to the overall sound of any big band. With this book by Dan Collette, ideas, principles and concepts are brought forth in order to reveal “secrets” and dispel “myths” associated with the fine art of tasteful section playing and rewarding big band work.

Prof. Till Brönner (International trumpet artist)

Dan Collette has written an outstanding book for both professional and student trumpet players. The examples and the accompanying explanations will greatly assist trumpet sections as well as individual players. Much thought and dedication have gone into the writing of 22 Etudes.

Dick Lowenthal (Chairman, Manhattan School of Music Jazz Department (1981-1999), Director, MSM Jazz Orchestra, Glenn Miller Orchestra Special Unit Conductor)